Are you an MFT trainee, AMFT, APCC, or ASW seeking supervision?

My professional experience includes working in both agency and private practice settings. I have also completed extensive acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainings and am a Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator.

As individuals, I believe we are all on a lifelong journey of learning and growth. After getting licensed, I asked myself, “Is this it?”. I believe there is no “end” state as a clinician; there are always opportunities to hone one’s clinical skills and to learn about new mental health research.

How I can help

My goal as a supervisor is to create a space for you to develop as a clinician by helping you find a practice style that works best for you. I provide supervision with these objectives in mind:


Therapy is a service where you, as the provider, become the tool to help others. As a clinician, you learn how to conceptualize cases, explore specializations, and utilize your skills and strengths when seeing clients. However, how you bring yourself to the table is just as important. Your personality, identity, experiences, and style all contribute to how you can better relate to clients and consequently support positive change in their lives.

Theoretical Orientation

It is not necessary to be a “purist” in one clinical theory. Although, it is useful to be familiar with theories that fit with your style, approach, and personality. These help guide you in conceptualizing a clinical case and develop direction in treatment with a client.


I am committed to providing mental health services with best practices that align with the legal responsibilities and ethics standards that we are held accountable to. By modeling and sharing these practices, we can elevate the image portrayed by mental health services. As an example, communicating effectively and defining roles clearly will help you understand how to conduct yourself with the client’s best interest in mind. Through working together, I will help you navigate what professionalism means and looks like for you in your own practice.


Next Steps:

I look forward to being a part of your journey to mature as a clinician. As a fellow mental health services provider, I offer a sliding scale rate for supervision. Please feel free to contact me with the button below if you’re interested or if you have any questions.