Introduction to Telehealth


Introduction to Telehealth


Are you interested in providing online video counseling services? The ability to provide telehealth services can increase your work life flexibility and enable you to reach a greater number of clients beyond your physical location.

”Introduction to Telehealth” is a 14 page guide that acts as a starting point for you to launch your online practice. This guide does not have any affiliation with the services mentioned.

The following topics are included in the guide:

  1. What is Telehealth?

  2. HIPAA Compliance Guidelines

  3. Telehealth Benefits

  4. Technology Challenges

  5. Not Appropriate for Telehealth

  6. Getting Started

  7. Informed Consent to Telehealth (Example)

  8. Telehealth Platforms

  9. Trainings

  10. Additional Readings

  11. References

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